Image & Content Removal Process

  • Important: This site is not hosted in USA and the owners of this site are not citizens of USA so DMCA does not apply and our hosting agent ignores them so please do not waste your time in sending them, We have confirmed this with our lawyer and acting on their advice.

  • If you have already sent in a removal request and content has not been removed it is because you did not follow the instructions that are clearly stated on our removal form, please do not waste your time submitting another request if your are not willing to comply with the removal process we will not action or reply to your request it will just be ignored.
  • Removal Process

  • 1.For us to consider removal of any content we require you to provide the exact url of the thread and each image you require removed and the reason.
  • 2.Please provide your full name, mailing address, a contact telephone number including area code this is the same basic information you would be asked for to file a DMCA take down.
  • 3.Photo Identification must be included to prove that the images belong to you, this ID must show your full name, contain your photo and date of birth and be in date not expired, your identification must not be modified or obscured all four corners must be in view and the image clearly visible.
  • 4.If the above is not met we will not remove the content as we check all requests to ensure the removal request is legitimate.
  • 5. Only submit one removal request every 48 hours as we have a strict system that queues removal requests if you submit again it will automatically bump you back to bottom of the removal requests queues.

Do not Submit form without clear photo ID we will not reply!

This is our standard policy for content removal to confirm that you are the intellectual owner of the images, and we always act promptly, all information provided is treated confidentially.

Content Removal Form


(if the form fails to send it means your attachments are too large resize them and try again.)
Removal request are typically carried out within 48 hours.